Office of Information Technology


Office of Information Technology carries responsibility for satisfying the requirement of information to all members of CCUT, and making related policies to promote the hardware foundation of information communication and to effectively build personal information ability. The office works to ensure that each one is able to get the information what he wants in every where, any time through the Internet technology.  


There are two divisions in the Office of Information Technology:Internet System Division and Teaching Affairs Division. 

Internet System Division: Planning the Internet system in campus, maintaining the Mainframe computer Servers, Computer Software Education, maintaining Computer Hardware, Antivirus System Management, and downloading Authorized software.


Contact Information
TEL:+886-4-8359000 ext. 1610, 1611


Teaching Affairs Division:Maintaining campus administration system, operating campus information system, updating information system, developing the use of information system, Analysis of information system, information system consult service, Webpage template planning and training, E-learning service, maintaining webpage of CCUT, Webpage template planning and Training, and questionnaire investigation system. 

Contact Information
TEL:+886-4-8359000 ext. 1620, 1621, 1631