Introduction to General Education Center
Purpose of General Education

Knowledge is the product for human to solve problems.  The purpose of education is to teach knowledge to students that solve problems.  General education makes individual to become a “complete person”.  It means general education is to promote integrate development in every aspect.  Not only inner but also for one to interact with outer environment.  General education, by means of subject-integration, guide students to build knowledge system for themselves, possess chance to explore potential.  Once face the impact of environment change, knowledge withheld could be make us to solve current problems.

Our general education is to educate students to modern learned person, and function imperceptibleinfluence. To nurture culture possession and critical thinking ability of students,to develop reason value wisdom to judge. Not only blend into life but also achieve our education goal. We are to train students become “young, happy, learned, promising” ones who have sound personality and specialty. 

Ideas of General education

General education center, in order to promote culture possession, put emphasis on:

A. Academy: basic knowledge learning.

B. Virtue: personality education.

C. Kindness: Service education.

D. Wisdom: Reason wisdom enquiring.

E. Multi-integrate: Multi-vision and tolerence.

F. Sound and Balance: Culture and science, as well as and professional and general knowledge integrate together.


Characteristic of general education

1Proper contentProper course credits and balance profound and general knowledge.

2Multi-coursesClasses, lectures and net-form courses, teachers come from professional departments or experts and scholars of other schools. Students learn knowledge from multi-ways, and receive different inspiration.

3Course design is a consequenceMulti-culture and local culture root in four academic groups; and provide multi-culture vision and local concern conscience.

4Teaching net is builtTeachers got in net course development vigorously. By internet course to interact with students, coach self-study students.

5Environment teaching have concrete resultConstruct environment classrooms and design emotional teaching content.  Match with art visiting activities and make-real courses, make students of professional system to study by reading, playing, doing.  Promote study interests and stimulate student’s potential.

6. Implement English sorting and remedy teachingBy sorting and remedy teaching, small class and elite class are made to improve student’s language ability.

7Spread community management and education serviceTo care community and to fulfill the idea of community conscience blend into school education, following cooperative trend with local education companions. We hold spirits of local culture blend into teaching, and reserve culture property, we value community environment-protection and share teaching resources to continue vitality.  We combine Hemei, Shetou, Shenggang, Fenyuan, Lugang, Sioushui, Puyan, Dacun, Yuanlin community college, Women community college and Yongjing civil community colleges, cooperate to design courses, teachers, and equipments for share.

Administration Program

 ChongChou set up general education committee in 2000. Academic vice-president was the president of genera education committee; chairmen of departments were committee members.  Every department chooses teachers attend in this committee.  This committee takes charge in the highest decisions.  Our general course program use double level and double examine system. General education center courses plan committee pass the first examine of new subjects, then send it to general education committee for second examine to finish double level and double examine system.  Academic units and administration units could cooperate to standard operative procedures in supporting teachers, assisting courses planning; borrow professional classrooms, computer selecting courses, and grade system maintenance. General education organization constructed as below



General education center daily administration included committees and groups below:




General education committee

Plan, evaluate, and execute great plans in general education center

All staff of general education center

Course plan committee

Decide course plans, plan mid-long term plan for general education, examine applications of opening new courses.

and Teaching research committee moderator

Teacher evaluation committee

Discuss the first evaluation affairs of center’s teacher.

General education center chairman and committee council

Teaching research group

Execute research program, choose teaching materials, teaching methods, and report special subjects.

Teachers of teaching groups of center.

Evaluation affair group

(1)Analyze questionnaire to proper courses
(2)Discuss self-evaluation system to general education courses
(3)Gather education evaluation materials of general education

Xie You-Dao
Huang Yi-Zhen

Course-select affair group

(1)Plan and execute course-select business
(2)Assist students to add or decline course; to compensate course credit

Yang Zong-Ming
Guan Ciu-Xiong

Academic research group

(1)Response for academic research meeting execution and planning for next year

(2)Gather and arrange related materials

Xing Yi-Ling, Jiang Mei-Yan
Yang Chang-Xing

Chen Ying-Fei  Liu-Zhen-Qi

Student affair group

(1)Push forward ideas of general education.
(2)Plan and set up related student society.
(3)Plan potential courses and design related activities.

Shu Man-Li
Huang Li-An

General affair group

(1)Property management and edit booklet.
(2)General fund income and spend, office maintaining and management

Yang Pi-Cheng
Zhang Gan-Ching

Net affair group

(1)Response for net and related business, included internet pages editing and upgrading
(2)office computer maintaining

Huang Ya-Gun
Cai Hong-Ren
Huang Zheng-Chuan

Administration affair group

Cooperate school and general education center and activities, response for executing adaptable administration affairs. E.g. Assign staff to join research meeting or research activity, enrolling new students, support activities, and meeting recording.

Li Min-Zhi
Chai Zai-Ping
Chen Shi-Ding